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Photographs by Peter Schweitzer
Portland, Oregon

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With rain on and off all day we ended up seeing some incredible clouds throughout the city. I almost wanted to solely post photos of the sky. Despite the rain we made the most of our last day and wore ourselves out running from one side of the city to another. It is going to be hard to give up this time we’ve had in Paris, but it will be good to be home. → Daily Photo Fix

This afternoon we headed back out to the National Museum of Natural History to check out the gallery of anatomy. This was one of my favorite museums I’ve visited. I loved having the chance to see so many specimens in one place. Of course Kate was right at home amongst the bones. → Daily Photo Fix

We caught an early train and rented bike’s just outside of the station. After a nice ride through Vernon and into Giverny we arrived at Monet’s garden. It was nice to get out of the city and into the countryside for the day, walking around the garden was incredible. We scrambled onto the crowded return train to Paris and made it back in time to grab coffee and pick up dinner from the farmer’s market. It was a beautiful and memorable day, leaving me wishing this trip would not end. → Daily Photo Fix

It was great to have a few clouds today. We dodged the rain by sipping espresso, experienced the busiest subway yet, and spotted this bad-ass vespa. → Daily Photo Fix

Picnicking in the Luxembourg Gardens and dreaming of spending my lunch hour here everyday. It was nice watching people meet to share food, conversation and laughter. Life here moves at a different pace. → Daily Photo Fix

We took the train out to Versailles and spent the day wandering the palace gardens. We ditched the crowds and the harsh sun to find these secret corners. It felt, for much of time we spent there as though we were the only ones in the garden. → Daily Photo Fix

We joined all of the tourists today and braved the Louvre. I could have wrestled my way to the front, but I thought I would share the real view of the Mona Lisa. So many of the galleries were breathtaking from the individual pieces to the ceilings and architecture of the building. We are now headed back to our quiet arrondissement for a relaxing evening. → Daily Photo Fix

It’s been a quiet Sunday wandering the museums, stumbling upon a secret rose garden, and eating double portions of Grom. Now it’s time for me to slip into a food coma. → Daily Photo Fix

Sandwiches in the gardens, an afternoon wandering around the natural history museum and then picking up baguettes, a roast chicken, and potatoes from the farmer’s market for dinner…so far the trip has been lovely. → Daily Photo Fix

Celebrating my 27th birthday by arriving in Paris. We made it to our apartment by noon and we’ve been out exploring the neighborhood all day. I could almost spend all day just staring out of our little window onto the beautiful streets. → Daily Photo Fix

We braved the heat this morning to help with the end of summer pop-up secret restaurant . We had produce, baked goods, coffee, and fancy grilled cheese. Lots of friends and strangers stopped by and almost everything sold out within a few hours. → Daily Photo Fix