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Photographs by Peter Schweitzer
Portland, Oregon

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This afternoon we drove out to our favorite little farm stand in Fairview to pick out a few pumpkins. Kate picked out her favorites while I watched the farm hands unloading another truckload into the field. I really liked this view of the truck as it passed by. → Daily Photo Fix

We came around the corner to see these elk grazing nearby. We snuck as close as we dared and sat for a while to watch them move about. I am increasingly thankful for where we live and the diversity of wildlife that surrounds us. → Daily Photo Fix

Skipping work, escaping to Seattle and admiring the Dahlia garden with my cricket was a perfect start to the weekend. After Volunteer Park we headed to Beecher’s for lunch, wandered through the aquarium, and checked into the Ace Hotel. We met up with some friends for dinner in Ballard before settling in for the night. Little weekend getaways like this are amazing. → Daily Photo Fix

Every time I drive down this street it reminds me of the houses in Edward Scissorhands. → Daily Photo Fix

With the days cooling and the return of the rain I am finally starting to believe that summer is gone. This is the Portland I like, devoid of sunny 80° days. → Daily Photo Fix

The Belmont Goats recently made the move to our neighborhood. Kate and I walked over and checked out their new home this evening. I had to keep Kate from leading this one home to live in our backyard. → Daily Photo Fix

It was a crazy weekend with a lot of work and a lot of friends. We had an early waffle breakfast with Nick this morning and spent the rest of the day catching up and getting ready for the week ahead. I am looking forward to a little adventure next weekend… → Daily Photo Fix

Golden hour photo shoot on the broadway bridge tonight. It was fun running around industrial northeast. → Daily Photo Fix

Spent the afternoon scouting for a shoot along the waterfront. I made it home to find out our friend was in town and I headed out meet up with him. It looks like it’s going to be a really busy weekend! → Daily Photo Fix

The never-ending blackberry vines are invading again…looks like it’s time for some yard work. → Daily Photo Fix

It’s going to be strange to not have our Airstream out back anymore. I am going to be sad to see it go, but I know it will be a great home for someone, just like it was for us. → Daily Photo Fix