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Photographs by Peter Schweitzer
Portland, Oregon

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We got to see these two for a few hours this morning as they were passing through Portland. It’s so nice to spend time with good friends, laughing and sharing donuts. → Daily Photo Fix

Wandering around Powell Butte is the perfect start to the long weekend. I am so thankful to have places like this within miles of us. The pacific northwest is such a wonderful home. → Daily Photo Fix

It’s been a long hot week and I am looking forward to cooler days and the adventures we have ahead of us. → Daily Photo Fix

Backyard harvest at Andrew’s. I am looking forward to the time when we are able to cultivate a space in our yard and grow delicious vegetables all summer long. → Daily Photo Fix

I love the food in Portland. From all of the great restaurants, to the farmer’s markets, to secret restaurant and the cookbook we are working on, it is a privilege to have access to so much healthy local delicious food. → Daily Photo Fix

You never know what temporal days may bring. Laugh, love, live free and sing. When life is in discord Praise ye the Lord. -Anberlin Paperthin Hymn

Remembering what would have been my youngest brother Seth’s 23rd birthday today. → Daily Photo Fix

Some of my favorite days are spent hiking through the woods and exploring the beauty that surrounds our city. One day I hope we will live in our own quiet corner of the forest away from busy city life. → Daily Photo Fix

We spent our lazy Saturday afternoon sipping wine and eating delicious food prepared by Andrew, Sophie and Lucas. In a shady spot under a huge weeping willow, we laid out our blanket, opened the cooler and shared a lovely meal with great friends. → Daily Photo Fix

You could almost feel the trees drinking the water up with their roots. This wood was very much alive. -C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew Daily Photo Fix

I am still thinking about last week and remembering the beautiful coastline, the wonderful friends, and the intimate ceremony we were blessed to witness. Big Sur was a dream and will continue to be for some time…→ Daily Photo Fix

If only I could spend every day wandering through the woods capturing the light coming through the trees. It is truly a privilege to live among such beauty.→ Daily Photo Fix

Queen Anne’s Lace is one of Kate’s favorite flowers. Even though it is considered a weed and any nursery I went to scoffed at me for asking where I could find it, I did eventually procure several packets of seeds to spread in our front yard. Maybe now they will take over and turn our yard into a sea of white. → Daily Photo Fix