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Photographs by Peter Schweitzer
Portland, Oregon

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If only I could spend every day wandering through the woods capturing the light coming through the trees. It is truly a privilege to live among such beauty.→ Daily Photo Fix

Queen Anne’s Lace is one of Kate’s favorite flowers. Even though it is considered a weed and any nursery I went to scoffed at me for asking where I could find it, I did eventually procure several packets of seeds to spread in our front yard. Maybe now they will take over and turn our yard into a sea of white. → Daily Photo Fix

We left at dawn, knowing an early start would allow us to beat the crowds and the heat of the sun. Within twenty minutes we were standing at the trailhead ready to ascend the trail ahead of us. As the clouds broke and the day began we chased the light ahead of us and before long we were standing at the top. Angel’s Rest never fails to challenge and reward us. → Daily Photo Fix

With such a busy month ahead of us it is nice to have time to breathe and watch the sun coming through the clouds. It’s hard, in moments like these, to not abandon responsibility and head off on a new adventure. → Daily Photo Fix

Being surrounded by so much love this past week has reminded me over and over how fond I am of this woman. I fall more in love with her every day, even when I am deeper than I ever thought possible, another day arrives and I keep falling. I love you Kate.→ Daily Photo Fix

After the most beautiful wedding we drove down hwy 1, saw the whales breaching, and watched an amazing sunset over the pacific. What a perfect night with so many new friends. → Daily Photo Fix